The Professional Towing Service You Need

Your engine suddenly stops working, leaving you and your vehicle stuck on the side of the road and needing towing services. It’s even worse when you’ve been in an accident! Arrowhead Towing can help relieve your stress in these otherwise nerve-racking circumstances. Operating throughout Mebane, NC, we’ll get there quickly, take care of business promptly and professionally, and let you return to your daily routine as soon as possible. A light-duty towing service involves vehicles that are not too heavy and can be easily moved. Any car or motorcycle that has been in an accident or has broken down may qualify.

Why Choose Us for Your Towing Needs

Arrowhead Towing provides the reliable and effective towing solutions you need. When your car malfunctions or is involved in an accident and is unsafe to drive, we’re happy to help move the vehicle using our efficient methods and reliable tow trucks. Our towing services can be acquired throughout the local area and we are happy to answer clients’ questions about our working process. We know that your vehicle is a valuable piece of machinery and we are always focused on handling our work with great care.

Towing and Roadside Assistance

We understand how stressful it can be to call a tow truck company. We take great pride in providing our customers with the best possible service in less-than-ideal situations. We have reliable tow trucks, all over the city that are ready to respond to your call. If you need a simple tow, are locked out of your car, stuck in a ditch, crashed, or anything else in between, we can help. Car trouble can be stressful, especially when it strikes at the wrong time to leave you stranded. You need a towing service you can trust when it comes to moving an inoperative vehicle, a car door locksmith, a tire change, or long-distance towing.

Do you need to have a vehicle that’s not operational moved to a specific location or a local mechanic in Mebane, NC? Get in touch with our towing company today at (919) 563-9840! Ready to serve you anytime.